Reports To: Project Manager

Direct Reports: Finish Carpenters

Schedule: Typically 7:00am – 3:30pm, Monday through Friday

Compensation:    Hourly

Benefits:  Paid holiday, vacation, & sick time, Matching 401(k), 20% tool rebate program, company phone, company iPad, Bonus program




The foreman is to MBD what a quarter back is to a football team – The foreman is to be in the middle of the action and calling the plays and is not an observing spectator. The foreman’s mission is to implement the battle plan by planning, assigning & tracking field tasks so that our projects are clean and productive, and our clients are well served.












Field Task Management

Your primary responsibility as a foreman is to plan, track and close out the field tasks. You plan carefully, record the plan, handoff tasks and track the progress using MBD's Foreman Task Planning Procedure. Your crew is able to work efficiently because you have laid out, pulled material and made sure all constraints are removed. Your crew is not jumping around the job site. When tasks are completed, you complete After Action Reviews.



Safety Of Your Crew

You make sure that your crew is working as safely as possible. This means that you make sure unsafe conditions are documented and reported, work areas are kept clean, company provided safety gear is distributed to the crew, safety meetings are conducted and that all crew members are operating tolls safely.



Supervision & Leadership

You understand that as the leader of the job, you set the tone - Therefore you display high energy, positive attitude and a sense of urgency as well as unwavering commitment to delivering the company's mission. You make sure the project and men are operating in a way that is consistent to MBD's standards. You do not tolerate or engage in gossip. You confront and deal with crew member issues such as tardiness, bad attitudes and mistakes. You make sure that the work being done is to MBD quality and productivity standards. You coach and train your team.



Personal Time & Personal Task Management

As the foreman you will have many demands placed on your time. Therefore you are skilled at making sure your time is spent doing the things that only you can do. You make sure that task planning is priority. You guard against loose and unproductive conversations. You keep daily to-do lists. You make sure that daily, weekly and monthly reoccurring tasks are completed when due.



Jobsite Organization

You make sure that your jobsite is as neat and organized as possible - Material is stacked neatly and inventoried. Work areas are clean and free of debris. Tools and equipment are stored properly and maintained. Paperwork and drawings are stored neatly and old versions are disposed of. You keep track and report on company equipment when it is moved.




There is a high degree of communication required out of our foremen. Daily Logs are turned in daily along with progress photos and any other info the PM may need. Emails and calls are returned quickly (same day. Project issues that are foreseen are brought up quickly in order to help resolve. Employee issues and performance (good and bad) are reported promptly. Communication with vendors and clients is kept free of profanity and is kept professional at all times. There is no blowing your cool or involvement in gossip or politics. You go through any open items on a regular basis and follow up.